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The Spider Audio Merger & Splitter > Using the Spider to Split Audio - Pg. 331

8. 9. Route the left output of the Spider's Merge section to the left input of the COMP-01. Route the left output of the COMP-01 to the channel 1 left input of reMix. 10. Press the Tab key again and then click on Play. You should now see and hear the COMP-01 processing both Redrum and Dr:rex (see Figure 14.26). Figure 14.26 The audio outputs from both Redrum and Dr:rex are now being processed by COMP-01. Using the Spider to Split Audio The Splitter section of the Spider performs the exact opposite function of the Merger section. Simply put, its purpose is to split an audio signal into four separate stereo pairs of outputs. This allows you to then route the audio signal of one Reason device into many other devices, such as real-time effects. Try an example: 1. 2. 3. Start a new Reason song and load it with a reMix and Dr:rex. Load a REX file and send it to its sequencer track. Press the Tab key. At the bottom of the Device Rack, create a Spider Audio Merger & Splitter.