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The Sequencer Toolbar > The Editing Tool Buttons - Pg. 95

Because you are going to use these tools extensively later in this chapter, it's a good idea to review the individual controls: Quantize Notes During Recording--When activated, this button performs real-time quantization after the MIDI event has been recorded. The amount of applied quantization is determined by the selected note value and quantization strength. Quantize Pull-Down Menu--This pull-down menu determines the note value to use for quantization. Like the Snap pull-down menu, it has a range of bar to 1/64, and all points in between. However, unlike the Snap menu, there are a few additional quantization values that can be applied, which you'll read about later in this section. Quantize Notes--This button applies quantization to a batch of selected MIDI events and groups. It's governed by the assigned note value and strength. Quantize Strength--This pull-down menu determines the amount of quantization to apply to a batch of selected MIDI events or groups. It has a range of 5% to 100%. SHUFFLE AND GROOVE As you saw in the Quantize pull-down menu, there are five additional quantizing values: Shuffle, Grooves 1-3, and User. Take a closer look at these values: Shuffle--This value applies a shuffle or swing feel to a group or selected batch of MIDI events. The Pattern Shuffle knob in the Transport Panel