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The Sequencer Toolbar > Quantize Tools - Pg. 99

Figure 5.31 The Automation Override is used to write over already recorded automation data. The Pattern Shuffle Control To the far right of the Transport Panel is the Pattern Shuffle control. This global control affects the creation of a swing feel within a song. It can be linked to control the amount of shuffle produced by the Reason virtual synths and sound modules that support it. The Click Control To the left of the Tempo and Time Signature portion of the Transport Panel is the Click Track control. When activated, this function provides a metronome sound that is accented on the first beat of every measure. Just clicking on the Click button can turn it on, and the volume of the click can be adjusted by using the knob below. The click sound itself is quite loud, so exercise caution when adjusting the volume. MIDI Sync and Focus Moving along to the left of the Transport Panel is the MIDI Sync and Focus control, which handles and regulates the activation and usage of synchronization within Reason.