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Tempo and Time Located just to the left of the main Transport Panel is the window in which you can make adjustments to both the song tempo and time signature. Tempo refers to the speed of the song played by the sequencer. Tempo is measured in BPM, or beats per minute, and can be adjusted anywhere from 1­999.999. This gives you many possibilities when writing and recording songs within Reason. Note: You can adjust the tempo by using the + and ­ keys on your keypad. Time Signature specifies the beats per bar (such as 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on), and what counts as a beat (that is, half note, quarter note, 8th note, and so on). Locators--the Key to Looping To the right of the main Transport Panel are the locator points and looping controls. If you recall from Chapter 3, "Getting Started with Reason 2.5," you learned a little bit about Reason's locator points. Although there are many ways to describe them, the easiest way to explain locators is to think of them as a pair of bookends. Just like a shelf of books, locator points act as the virtual bookends of a sequence. You have a left locator, which is used as a starting position, and a right locator, which is used as an ending position. These locator points can be used together to create a loop for a specific number of measures. Here's how: