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In the next exercise, you'll try to use the Pencil and Selector tools in the Arrange view. Make sure that the Snap to Grid button is still active before you begin this exercise. 1. 2. Switch to the Arrange view and choose 1/2 from the Snap pull-down menu. This assigns a half note value. Select the Pencil tool and proceed to draw in a group on the Subtractor sequencer track. Notice that the group being drawn is a half measure in length (see Figure 5.26). Note that you can create larger groups by clicking and dragging to the right. After you have drawn in a group or two, click the Selector tool. Now click and drag your drawn groups to the left or right and you will notice that the groups are moving in half-note increments. Choose a smaller note value from the Snap pull-down menu, such as 1/8 perhaps. Try moving the groups again and you will see that they move in much smaller increments than before. 3. 4. 5. Figure 5.26 The Snap determines the size of drawn groups. In this case here, the groups are a half note in length. SNAP TO GRID VERSUS FREE WHEELIN' EDITS