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The Redrum Pattern Programmer > Dynamics and Flam - Pg. 169

Figure 7.49 When you are finished recording your automation, a neon green box will appear around the parameter that has been automated. 7. Click on Stop again to return to the first measure of the Reason sequencer. Click on Play to listen to the Redrum pattern playback. Notice that the patterns are changing on their own, as they have been automated. CLEARING YOUR AUTOMATION After listening to your recording, you might find that you don't like the way the patterns came together, so you will probably want to redo your recording. Chapter 15, "Automation," covers automation extensively, but for now here is a quick tip on resetting the automation. Find any parameters that have an automation written in by looking for the neon green box around it. Right-click on the parameter (or Control-click on the Mac). At this point, a menu will appear and you should see an option to Clear Automation. Choose this option, and the automation will be erased from that parameter.