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The Redrum Pattern Programmer > Building the Redrum Groove with the Pattern Pro... - Pg. 170

TURN IT OFF After you have copied your patterns to the Reason sequencer, make sure that you deactivate the Enable Pattern Section button in the Redrum programmer. If you forget to do this and click on Play, both sequencers will begin to play again, but this time, Redrum will be playing the notes in its own sequencer as well as what it is receiving from the Reason sequencer. This will produce a very strange flange effect that doesn't sound very good and will most certainly cause the Audio Out Clipping LED in the Reason Transport Panel to glow a bright red, which is not a good thing. After you have copied your tracks to the Reason sequencer, you should click on the Switch to Edit Mode button in the Reason sequencer to see how Redrum information is displayed. As shown in Figure 7.50, the MIDI events for Redrum look a little different from the standard Edit mode that you might remember from Chapter 5. Each drum sound has its own lane that can be edited in various ways. For example, you can now draw and erase notes, or you can re-quantize the whole sequence to create an entirely new groove. Figure 7.50 Redrum MIDI events as displayed in the Reason sequencer.