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The Reason Sequencer--At First Glance > The Edit View - Pg. 50

The Transport panel can also be used to control or monitor additional indicators and functions, such as: Display the amount of CPU used within a song. Indicate when an audio signal within Reason is distorting or "clipping." Produce an audible click or metronome track for keeping time. Activate synchronization functions. You'll learn more about the Transport panel in Chapter 5. Virtual Routing in Reason -- Virtual Eye Candy In addition to its power as a music composition tool, Reason 2.5 offers tremendous creative possibilities with virtual routing. Just like those expensive-looking patch bays found in hardware- based studios, Reason has its own virtual patch bay that is easy to use and a heck of a lot of fun to look at. Let's get patchin'! The visual paradigm of the Reason interface is, of course, that of a rack of equipment--just like the gear racks used in real-world studios. And, as in real-world studios, the connections between pieces of gear in the rack are handled at the back of the rack. To see the "back" of Reason's virtual gear rack, press the computer keyboard's Tab key. You'll see the backs of the devices in your rack and the cable connections between them (see Figure 3.30).