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The Reason Sequencer--At First Glance > The Arrange View - Pg. 49

The Editing Tools Reason provides a set of tools that can be used in Arrangement or Edit mode. Many of these tools have obvious uses, such as the Pencil tool (see Figure 3.26) and the Erase tool (see Figure 3.27). A couple of the other tools have much more specialized functions, such as the Magnification tool for zoom, the Line tool for drawing straight and diagonal lines, and the Hand tool for scrolling through the arrangement in real time. Figure 3.26 Use the Pencil tool to draw in notes. Quantization--Timing Is Everything Aside from being the most important element in comedy, timing is also the most important element in music, unless you happen to be a fan of the music of John Cage. Some of us are not as rhythmically inclined as we would like to be, or possibly not the best synth players on the block (I fall into this category). That's where the Quantization tools come into play. They appear on the right side of the Sequencer toolbar. These tools help to correct timing problems when sequencing within Reason. For example, if you are playing a drum part and you just miss the last couple of drum hits by a beat or so, the Quantize tool can correct that mistake by shifting the misplayed notes to their correct places (see Figure 3.28). Sounds a little too good to be true, but believe me, it's a lifesaver. Figure 3.27