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The Play Parameters > Velocity Controls - Pg. 231

Mod B--This connection routes the output of Modulator B to the modulation inputs of any Reason device. Filter Envelope--This connection routes the output of the Filter Envelope to the modulation inputs of any Reason device. Your First Malström Patch Now that you have a pretty firm idea of how the Malström works, it's time to dig in and create your first customized Malström patch. This tutorial takes you through a step-by-step process of programming a bass synth patch that will be perfect for any ambient occasion. Setting Up a Start Point Before you program your first Malström patch, it's important to find a good starting point. Writing in a sequence that's appropriate for the kind of patch you are going to create will make the programming process quicker and more efficient. For example, if I were going to create a pad sound, I would typically write in a sequence of long, sustained chords, so I could hear the pad sound properly. If you are planning to program a bass synth patch to be used in techno music, it's a good idea to write in a standard techno bass line in the Reason sequencer. Then set the sequencer to play the bass line over and over again in a loop (see Figure 10.18). Then you can make real-time adjustments to the patch as the sequence is playing and program the patch to complement the