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The Play Parameters > Legato/Retrig - Pg. 211

AD TERMINOLOGY In many cases, the computer chip that does the digitizing also handles the analog- izing. Hence, you'll see DAC/ADC or ADC/DAC or DA/AD or even AD/DA. You'll also see both types of converters referred to as simply an "A/D converter." BRING IN THE NOISE When creating a pad, I like to add a little noise to the mix to give the patch a little grit on top of the synthetic smoothness of Oscillator 2. If you want to add this element to your patch, try these settings: 1. 2. 3. 4. Activate the Noise Generator. Set the Decay knob to its maximum value. Set the Color knob to a low value; this will dull the tone of the digital noise. Set the Level knob to a mid value. I suggest starting with a value of 30 and working from there. BRING THE NOISE Throughout the rest of this tutorial, you can choose to turn the noise off or leave it on. It's not an essential texture to this patch that you are creating, but it never hurts