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The Oscillator Section > Phase Offset Modulation - Pg. 202

Release--Once the value has been set at its rested value, the Release parameter determines how long it will take the sound to drop to silence after you release the key. The following sections take a look at each of the available envelopes. Filter and Amplitude Envelopes The Filter Envelope is used to modify the Frequency parameter of Filter 1. When using it in combination with the Filter Frequency and Resonance sliders, the Filter Envelope can be used to create long, sustained filter sweeps and percussive filter powered stab sounds. To the right of the Filter Envelope are two additional parameters that can be used in combination with it. The Invert button is used to invert the functions of the individual envelope parameters. For example, say you are using the Attack parameter of the Filter Envelope and have assigned a positive value of 80, which produces a very slow attack. Activate the Invert button and the attack parameter is inverted, which means the attack will be much faster now. The Amount knob determines how much the filter will be affected by the envelope. Increasing the value of this parameter directly affects the set value of the Filter Frequency, which in turn will affect the Filter Envelope, resulting in some very intense filter combinations. To demonstrate the capabilities of the Filter Envelope, try the following exercise. Make sure that