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The NN-XT Remote Editor > The Sample Parameters - Pg. 274

AN ALTERNATIVE ROOT If you plan on doing in-depth sampling with the NN-XT, you might consider purchasing a dedicated audio-editing program. Recall Chapter 11, in which you were provided acoustic guitar samples to use in creating your own NN-19 sample patch. All of those samples were recorded and prepared in an audio-editing program called WaveLab, which I have mentioned previously. The immediate benefit to the budding sampling geek is that an audio editor will give you access to various processors and plug-ins to make your recorded samples sound better. WaveLab, for example, supports both VST and DirectX formatted plug-ins, making it an ideal platform to make your samples sound as good as possible. Most audio-editing programs also have the capability to establish clean loop points in a sample and can automatically detect a root note and make tuning adjustments automatically. This additional information is stored in the sample and recalled when the file is imported into the NN-19 or NN-XT. Sample Start and End The Sample Start knob is used to offset the start position of a loaded sample in the NN-XT. This function can be used for many purposes, such as: Removing unwanted noise at the beginning of a sample. Creating different versions of one sample. For example, if you have a sample of a