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The NN-XT Remote Editor > The Group Parameters - Pg. 271

The Group Area--The Group Area does not display information. Rather, it is used to select a compilation of sample zones that are assigned to a group. The Keyboard Area--The Keyboard Area is used to display key ranges, audition loaded samples, and set root keys. The Tab Bar--The Tab Bar is located just below the Keyboard Area and is used to display the key range of a selected sample zone. It is here that you can resize a sample zone's key range. The Key Range Area--The Key Range Area is used to display the sample zones within a patch. Zones can be moved and resized in this area. The Scroll Bars--There are vertical and horizontal scroll bars that allow you to view any key range (vertical) or position on the keyboard (horizontal). Aside from the Info Area and scroll bars, which are pretty self explanatory, let's have an in-depth look at these areas. The Sample Area All the files that are used to create a sample patch for the NN-XT are displayed in the Sample Area as a list. The Sample Area can also be used as a tool to load samples into a zone. To get better acquainted with the Sample Area, try this quick exercise. 1. 2. If you have a patch loaded into the NN-XT, clear it by choosing Edit > Initialize Patch. This will give you a clean slate to work with. Next, you need to add a zone to your key map so you can load a sample. Choose