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The NN-19 Virtual Keyboard Display > The NN-19 Synth Parameters - Pg. 247

The Envelope Section To the right of the Filter section are the NN-19 envelope generators (see Figure 11.13). An envelope generator is used to modify specific synth parameters, including pitch, volume, and filter frequencies. By using an envelope creatively, you can control how these parameters are to be modified over a specific amount of time. The NN-19 includes two envelope generators. One is assigned to the Filter section whereas the other is assigned to Amplitude. As you read in Chapter 9, "Subtractor--Close Up," an envelope generator has four basic parameters; Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (collectively called ADSR). Let's very briefly recap what these parameters do. Attack--When a sound's envelope is triggered, the Attack parameter determines the length of time before the envelope reaches its maximum value. Decay--Once the maximum value is reached, the Decay parameter determines the length of time until the value begins to drop. Sustain--After the value begins to drop, Sustain determines the level at which the falling value rests. Release--Once the value has been set at its rested value, the Release parameter determines how long it will take until the value will fade out after releasing the key. Now that you have reviewed these parameters, let's discuss what each of the envelope generators does.