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The NN-19 Virtual Keyboard Display > The Filter Section - Pg. 249

An LFO's purpose is to modulate a parameter, such as a filter or another oscillator. That means that the LFO itself is never actually heard, just its effect on other synth parameters. The Waveform Selector (WAVEF.) is used to choose a desired waveform for modulating one of three available parameters. Because the NN-19 Waveform Selector functions exactly as the one found on the Subtractor, this section briefly recaps the available waveforms. Triangle--Creates a smooth up and down vibrato. Inverted Sawtooth--Creates a cycled ramp up effect. Sawtooth--Creates a cycled ramp down effect. Square--Makes abrupt changes between two values. Random--Creates a random stepped modulation. Also known as sample and hold. Soft Random--Exactly as the previous waveform but with a smoother modulation curve. Once you have selected a waveform, you then need to specify which parameter the LFO will modulate. This is done using the LFO Destination (DEST) button. There are three parameters available to modulate. Osc--This assigns the LFO to modulate the sample pitch of the NN-19. Filter--This assigns the LFO to modulate the Filter Frequency. This is great for creating tempo-controlled filter sweeps.