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The NN-19 Virtual Keyboard Display > The Envelope Section - Pg. 251

Retrig and Legato Retrig is thought of as the "normal" setting for the NN-19, because it is the commonly used parameter for playing polyphonic patches. The NN-19 envelopes are triggered when you press and hold down a note, and then they are retriggered when another note is played. Retrig can be used with monophonic patches as well. Try pressing a note and holding it while pressing a new key. Release the new key and the first note will retrigger. Legato is a commonly used parameter for playing monophonic patches. With the polyphony set to 1, press and hold down a note, and then press and hold another note. Notice that the new note has no attack, because the NN-19's envelope has not been retriggered. If you add some Portamento to this patch, you will get a retro vintage mono synth glide sound. Note that the NN-19 envelope will retrigger if you release all of the keys and play a new one. It is also possible to use Legato with a polyphonic patch. Set the Polyphony of a patch to a low number of voices, such as three. Hold down a three-note chord and then play another note. Notice that the new note will be played with a legato effect (no attack), but it will cease to play the high- est note of the chord you are playing, because it is "stealing" that note in order to play the new note. The Controller Section The NN-19 is capable of receiving three commonly used MIDI controller messages, and then sending those messages to three available parameters: A.Touch--Also known as channel pressure. If your keyboard supports it, while holding a note down you can apply a little more pressure to the key to send