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The NN-19 Play Parameters > Pitch and Modulation - Pg. 255

Figure 11.19 The high note of the first key zone must be set to G#1. 3. Once this is accomplished, click on the folder icon, located above the virtual keyboard. This will bring up the sample browser window. Locate the Guitar Samples folder, which should be located in your Reason program folder. Once you have it open, select the Low E.wav file and click Open to import that sample into your first key zone. Look in the key zone display and you will see all of the sample details on display. Notice that the root key has been automatically set to E1 and that the Loop mode has been set to FW. Next, you need to create another key zone. Select the empty key zone on the right. Now, choose Split Key Zone from the Edit pull-down menu again. Select your new key zone. Adjust the low key to A1 and the high key to C#2. Click on the folder icon and locate the Low A.wav file. Import it into the new key zone. Repeat the same steps until you have eight separate key zones with the proper 4. 5. 6. 7.