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Figure 8.28 Select the editor you want to work in. The left button is the Key editor and the button on the right is the REX editor. You can also input data into the Reason sequencer live, as covered in Chapter 5. Just make sure that your Dr:rex track is activated and ready to accept live MIDI data. You do so by clicking on the MIDI In section of the track (see Figure 8.29). Using your MIDI keyboard, you can now play your Dr:rex in much the same way that you would play a drum machine with a MIDI keyboard. Any REX file loaded into Dr:rex is mapped across a MIDI keyboard starting with C1 on your keyboard, because this is Slice #1 in Dr:rex. Just click on Record followed by Play. You can record a new performance of the REX file. Figure 8.29 Arm your Dr:rex sequencer track so you can input MIDI data. Drawing in Automation The last trick in the bag is to draw in some automation for the individual controls of Dr:rex, which is done using the Controller Lane Editor. As shown in Figure 8.30, you can use the Pencil tool to draw in an automation movement for any controller found on the Dr:rex interface. This example shows how to draw in some Modulation Wheel data with the Controller lane. To select the Controller lane, click on the blue envelope button in the Editor toolbar (see Figure 8.31). Hide the other editors by clicking on their buttons in the Editor toolbar. Because you're going to draw in some Modulation Wheel data, you'll start by bringing that controller to the forefront. To do this, click on the Controller's pull-down menu and choose the Mod Wheel controller. This lane will then appear in the Controller Editor (see Figure 8.32). Because this is a controller that will require a lot of data in order to create a realistic effect, it is a good idea to turn off the Snap To Grid function (see Figure 8.33). Figure 8.30 Reason's Controller Lane Editor is used for drawing and editing automation data. Figure 8.31 The Controller toolbar is used to activate the Controller Lane.