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The Key Map Display > The Keyboard Area - Pg. 273

The Sample Parameters Located in the bottom portion of the Key Map display, the Sample parameters are used to edit any selected zone in the key map (see Figure 12.12). Whereas the synth parameters are used to alter the timbre and tone of a selected zone, the Sample parameters are used to set up loop points, root notes, route outputs, and simply do things that most samplers can't do. Figure 12.12 The Sample parameters include 15 ways to edit your samples and enhance your sample performance. Root Notes and Tune The Root knob is used to adjust the original pitch of a loaded sample. When a sample is loaded into the NN-XT, it is necessary to assign a root as the original frequency of the recorded sample. For example, if you recorded a piano's C3 note and then imported it into the NN-XT, you will need to tell the NN-XT that the original pitch of the sample was C3. This is done with the Root knob. Once a sample is imported into the key map, you can click and drag on the Root knob until you reach the desired root note. Another way to change the root note is to hold the Ctrl key (Apple key for Mac users) on your computer keyboard and click on the root note you want.