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The Ideal Reason Studio > Would You Like a PC or Mac with That? - Pg. 23

If you're thinking about buying a new computer and are wondering if perhaps it's time to switch platforms, let me just suggest that you stick with what you already know. The whole point of buying Reason, and this book, is to enjoy being creative with Reason, not to do battle with a brand new operating system at the same time. Reason simply works great on both platforms and that's really all you need to know. Choosing the Right MIDI Keyboard for Reason For triggering all the synths and other instruments in Reason, it's important to have a MIDI keyboard of some kind. It could be a keyboard with its own built-in sounds, such as a Yamaha or Roland, or you could choose a MIDI controller keyboard, which is simply a MIDI keyboard without built-in sounds. If you have not purchased a keyboard yet but are intending to, I recommend purchasing one without built-in sounds. Why? Think of it this way; once you start using the synths in Reason, are you really going to need additional sounds from another keyboard? Probably not, as the synths in Reason will certainly give you the sounds sets that you will need to get the job done. Another disadvantage of getting a keyboard with built-in sounds is that Reason does not sequence external MIDI instruments and devices, making the purchase of this kind of keyboard a potential waste of money. Controller keyboards (see Figures 2.5 and 2.6 for examples) are really the right choice for Reason, offering several key advantages: They cost far less than a keyboard with built-in sounds. A standard 25-key controller can be purchased for well under $200.