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The Ideal Reason Studio > CPU (Central Processing Unit) - Pg. 19

The best rule of thumb here is to make sure that you have a lot RAM installed in your computer. It will help Reason run more smoothly, and it will help prevent computer crashes that can sometimes happen due to a shortage of RAM. It's best to have at least 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM. This will give you plenty of headroom to work with. Just keep in mind that more is always better (and RAM is quite affordable these days), so feel free to splurge. Hard Drive Your computer's hard drive is your medium for permanent data storage. Among other things, it holds your operating system, your applications, and, above all, your Reason song files. The hard drive is also where you will eventually store the digital audio mixes of your Reason songs. The first key to purchasing a good hard drive is to go with a well-known brand name. Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, and Maxtor are all well-known and respected brands. Next, make sure that the drive meets the following list of requirements that will allow it to achieve good performance with Reason (and most other music-creation software): Transfer rate--How much digital data can the hard drive transfer per second? You'll want to make sure the hard drive has a transfer rate of at least 10 megabytes or higher per second. Seek or access time--How fast does the hard drive access information? The hard drive must have a seek time of 10 milliseconds (ms) or less in order to be used for digital audio. Rotation speed--How fast does the hard drive rotate? Many hard drives have a rotation speed of 5400 rotations per minute (RPM), but this generally won't cut it