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The Editing and Quantization Tools > The Editing Tools - Pg. 51

As you scroll up and down the Device Rack, you'll notice that each of the virtual synth's audio outputs are routed to the mixer at the top of the rack. 1. 2. Look at the back of the first Subtractor synth, below the real-time effects. As you can see in Figure 3.31, its audio output is routed to input 4 on the mixer. Click and hold on the audio output of the Subtractor, and you will see a list of options, including the Disconnect option. Select disconnect, and watch as the virtual cable connecting the Subtractor to the mixer disappears. The synth has been virtually disconnected from reMix (see Figure 3.32). Now click and hold on the Subtractor's audio output and start to drag the mouse up toward reMix. A gray virtual cable appears and follows your cursor as it moves (see Figure 3.33). Drag the virtual cable up to channel 8's top input (the mono input) on the mixer and release the mouse. You should now see a red cable that connects the Subtractor to channel 8 (see Figure 3.34). 3. 4. Figure 3.31 The Subtractor synth is routed to channel 4 in reMix.