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The Drum Sound Channels > Selecting Your Drum Sounds - Pg. 152

Figure 7.24 Now Redrum has its own mixer. Redrum Levels and Dynamics Continuing down Redrum's channel 1 strip, below the Panning knob you will see Level and Velocity knobs. These help to introduce a dynamic element to your Redrum kits. These help keep your drum patterns from sounding as though they were played by Robby the Robot. The Level knob controls the volume of each channel in the Redrum interface. The Velocity, or VEL knob, affects the impact of the Level knob by introducing a dynamic element to the mix. VEL MEANS DYNAMICS The VEL knobs in Redrum can be used to effectively produce a realistic and dynamic drum performance, which sets Redrum apart from many other drums machines, whether they are software- or hardware-based. As previously stated, the Level knob affects the volume of any Redrum channel. The Dynamic switch of the Pattern Programmer (you'll look at it later in this chapter) introduces different velocities (or dynamics) to the Redrum channels, which can then alter these volumes. The VEL knob determines how much the volume is affected by different velocities. For example, if the VEL knob has a positive value, the volume of a Redrum chan- nel will become louder with increasing dynamics. If the VEL has a negative value, the volume will decrease as the dynamic increases, which is called inverting. Later in this chapter, when you begin to write your own patterns, be sure to add different velocities to each note. Try experimenting with the VEL knob to create a realistic drum groove.