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The Drum Sound Channels > Not All Channels Work Alike - Pg. 161

Give the Shuffle a test drive by following these steps: 1. 2. Wipe the slate clean by selecting Edit > Cut Pattern. Select the Redrum channel that has a closed hi-hat sound. Now write in a 16th note pattern by clicking and dragging across the steps. Make sure that the Resolution knob is set to 16th notes or 1/16 (see Figure 7.40). Activate the Shuffle button and set the Pattern Shuffle knob to the 10:00 position. Click on the Run button in Redrum, or start the Reason sequencer and listen to the shuffling effect. Be sure to make changes with the Pattern Shuffle knob to hear the different shuffling feels you get with this function. Also try adding in kick and snare patterns against it. 3. 4. If you increase the number of steps in your patterns, you will certainly need a way to view and edit the additional steps. The Edit Steps switch is located to the right of the Shuffle button (see Figure 7.41) and addresses this very need. Click and drag the switch up and down to view and edit all of the 64 available steps. Figure 7.40 Write a 16th note hi-hat pattern and add some swing to it by activating the Shuffle button and turning up the Pattern Shuffle knob.