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Advanced Redrum Routing with ReMix > Advanced Redrum Routing with ReMix - Pg. 158

Located just above the Run button is the Enable Pattern Section button. This links the Redrum pattern section to the main Reason sequencer. Click on it once to turn it off and then start up the main Reason sequencer again. Notice that the Redrum pattern section does not start up. Addi- tionally, as the Reason sequencer is playing, try clicking on the Run button again. You will see that the Redrum pattern section will not start up unless the Enable Pattern Section button is active. To the right of the Run and Enable buttons is the Pattern section. As mentioned, there are four banks: A, B, C, and D, with eight patterns assigned to each bank. This gives you 32 available patterns to program. In order to change patterns manually, just click on either a numeric pattern or one of the four banks followed by a pattern number. This will bring up the pattern stored in that location. Of course, you will not see any available patterns, because you have not written any yet. Clicking on the Pattern button located just above the numeric pattern buttons will deactivate the pattern section entirely. Even with the Run button active, the patterns will not play again until you reactivate the Pattern button. This can be useful when you are using the Reason sequencer to program Redrum rather than using patterns. Climbing the Steps of Pattern Programming Success To the right of the Pattern section is the Redrum Step-Programming Interface (see Figure 7.32). This is where your step patterns will be written and edited. You won't believe how easy and creative it really is! Figure 7.32 The Redrum pattern