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Advanced Redrum Routing with ReMix > Advanced Redrum Routing with ReMix - Pg. 156

Bend That Pitch Moving along to channels 6 and 7, you will find what I kindly refer to as the disco effect. You'll understand why in a minute. Seriously though, these parameters are used to create a pitch bend effect (see Figure 7.28). Figure 7.28 Channels 6 and 7 produce a disco-like pitch bend to your toms. Sorry, but the Mirror Ball is not included. On channels 6 and 7, you will see the Pitch knob that works as it does on the other Redrum channels. The difference on these channels is the additional Bend knob. CREATING A PITCH BEND You can use either channel 6 or 7 for this example. Without altering the position of the Pitch knob, turn the Bend knob by clicking and dragging upward. Now use your MIDI keyboard or the Trigger button to hear the results. Notice how the pitch starts at the top and slides down. Now adjust the Pitch knob to either a positive or negative value and listen to the sample again. Like I said . . . Disco! Disco! Disco! Below the Pitch and Bend controls are the Rate and Velocity knobs for further editing of the pitch bend effect. The Rate knob controls the bend time of the pitch bend effect. Setting this knob to a negative value decreases the bend time and speeds it up, whereas setting it to a positive value increases the bend time, which slows the effect down. Its Velocity knob controls the amount of the pitch bend effect according to the velocity at which the sample is played. Try increasing the value and notice how much wider a range the pitch bend effect has when triggered. The Redrum Pattern Programmer Aside from great sounds, Redrum includes a fantastic pattern-based programmer (see Figure 7.29). Although this composition tool is much different from the main Reason sequencer, they can be used together at the same time, which creates a virtual drummers' paradise.