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Selecting Your Drum Sounds > Selecting Your Drum Sounds - Pg. 154

Try an example of this with sound channel 1 to see its effectiveness. Make sure the Decay/Gate switch is set to Decay mode before you begin. 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn the Length knob down to about its middle position, until the tooltip reads 56. Play the sample using either the Trigger button or your MIDI keyboard. You will hear the slight decay effect. Switch to Gate mode. Play the sample again with either the Trigger button or your MIDI keyboard. It should now sound much more beefy, because it contains no sustain or decay at the end. It is simply playing the sample until it reaches its determined length. Pitch The Pitch knob alters the playback pitch of any Redrum sample. The range of the available Pitch is +/- one full octave and all points in between. Notice the LED above the Pitch knob lights up whenever a value greater or less than zero is selected. RETURN TO ZERO Remember, holding down the Ctrl key (or Apple Key on the Mac) on your computer keyboard and clicking on a knob such as Pitch will reset its value to zero.