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Selecting Your Drum Sounds > Selecting Your Drum Sounds - Pg. 153

DYNAMICS MEANS CREATIVE MIXES Along with melody, harmony, and rhythm, dynamics is an important element needed to give any form of music its edge or character. Such character makes the song more interesting. It is a governing element that cannot be ignored, but only better understood by listening to numerous styles of music as examples. For example, because this chapter discusses drums and drum machines, consider jazz music as a blueprint to define a good use of dynamics. Check out some of jazz's greatest artists, such as Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, or Dave Brubeck. Notice how the drummer plays with the mix by introducing both loud and soft dynamics simultaneously. This alone helps make the drums and percussion pop out of the mix. If you need something that rocks out a little more, listen to something with more of an edge, such as hard rock or alternative. You can hear that even steady rock such as music by Rush or Pearl Jam needs good dynamics to make the song memorable. Believe it or not, even good old "four-on-the-floor" techno music has dynamics. Check out CDs by Moby or Orbital and listen for the variations in dynamics. Think of your audio mix like a good painting -- it can't be just one color, so mix it up! Length, Decay, and Gate Up to this point, you've looked at controls that affect the mix of the Redrum channels. As you