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The BV512 Vocoder/Equalizer > The BV512 as an Equalizer - Pg. 318

Basic Vocoding Tutorial Let's apply what you have just learned about vocoding by going through a basic vocoding tutorial. In this section, you will open a Reason song that I have prepared that consists of an NN-19 (the modulator) playing a single sample, a Subtractor (the carrier) playing chords, and the BV512 Vocoder. Through a step-by-step method, you will learn how to route the carrier and modulator to the BV512, adjust the frequency band, and create a unique signal that you can edit further by using the synth parameters of the Subtractor. BEFORE YOU GET STARTED Before you start this tutorial, take a minute to visit the Muska & Lipman website, where you will find a Reason 2.5 song called Vocoder Tutorial. This song file is a published song, which means that all of the elements specifically created for this tutorial are self-contained within the song file. You'll learn more about published songs in Chapter 18, "Mixing and Publishing Your Reason Songs." 1. Open the Vocoder Tutorial song. You will see reMix, the DDL-1 delay, a Subtractor, the NN-19, and the BV512 at the bottom. The NN-19 has a loaded sample of my voice, and the Subtractor has the Bowy patch loaded. Also notice that there is a sequence written for both the Subtractor and the NN-19, but if you click on Play, you won't hear anything, as the audio has not yet been routed.