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The BV512 Vocoder/Equalizer > CV Connections - Pg. 321

Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit Aside from the comical Wes Craven-esque name (programmers always have a good sense of humor), the appropriately titled Scream 4 is the digital distortion that takes distorted vocals, drums, and synth patches to a whole new level (see Figure 14.15). Divided into three sections (Damage, Cut, and Body), Scream 4 can shape, mold, and destroy any audio signal it comes into contact with. Another welcome addition to the Scream 4 and the upcoming RV7000 (discussed later in this chapter) is the ability to load, edit, and save customized presets. The Scream 4 already comes with a lot of great sounding presets, but it never hurts to make your own. For those of you who were looking for something better than the D-11, this is it! Figure 14.15 The Scream 4 is the kind of distortion that non- Reason users can only dream of. The Damage Section Let's have a look at the various parameters of Scream 4. This section starts by looking at the parameters and presets for the Damage section (see Figure 14.16).