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Synths, Sounds, Beats, and Treats > The Subtractor Polyphonic Synthesizer - Pg. 43

The Matrix Analog Pattern Sequencer The Matrix is an ultra-retro pattern-based sequencer that emulates a classic control voltage sequencer. In the days before MIDI, sequencing synthesizers was difficult, and the concept of controlled voltage sequencing was developed in order to make it easier. Imagine a rack-mounted switchboard that would simply have on and off switches to send controlled amounts of voltage to adjust note pitch, note length, and amplitude. This device would then be manually patched into the hardware synth that it was controlling, and there you have controlled voltage sequencing. The Matrix accomplishes this same task and so much more. The first Matrix sequencer you see (see Figure 3.12) while scrolling down the Device Rack is controlling a Subtractor synth by assigning note values and note velocities in a pattern-based form. If you look all the way down toward the bottom of the Device Rack, you'll see another Matrix that is controlling the Malström synth above it. Chapter 13, "The Matrix Sequencer--Close Up," explores some creative uses for controlling other Reason modules with the Matrix. Dr:rex Loop Machine Extraordinaire In most modern dance music, loops are a key element. In fact, you'll find loops being used in just about every kind of music today, even good old honky-tonk country. Dr:rex is Reason's loop player. It's based on a bit of older Propellerhead technology. Long before Reason was a spark in anyone's eye, Propellerhead introduced a program called ReCycle, an innovative loop-editing program that allowed musicians to use the same loop at different tempos. Although that might not sound very impressive today, with the endless number of loop editing programs on the market, you have to remember that in 1996 this was still new territory. In 1997, Propellerhead introduced