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Synchronization Tutorials > Syncing Reason with Internal Applications - Pg. 352

Figure 16.3 Activate the Sync feature on the Cubase transport bar. 3. On the PC, open the Preferences window of Reason from the Edit pull-down menu. Switch to the Advanced MIDI page and assign a MIDI input to the MIDI Clock Sync pull-down menu (see Figure 16.4). Close the Preferences window and activate the MIDI sync by selecting it in the Transport Panel (see Figure 16.5). Click on Play in Cubase. Reason will immediately follow along. Try stopping the Cubase song a few times and you'll see that the Reason song stops accordingly. 4. 5. Figure 16.4 Assign a MIDI input to the MIDI Clock Sync pull-down menu. Figure 16.5 Enable MIDI Sync from the Transport Panel. Also, make sure that you turn off the looping function in the Transport Panel. Otherwise, the Reason song will play in a loop while the Cubase SX song continues. Notice that when the MIDI Sync is enabled, the Reason tempo indicator reads 0, because it's waiting to receive tempo information from the master device (Cubase).