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Synchronization Tutorials > Syncing Reason to External Devices - Pg. 349

16 Synchronization This chapter takes a close up look at the synchronization capabilities of Reason 2.5. What Is Synchronization? Synchronization is the capability to make Reason play at the same time and tempo as another device. Additionally, synchronization makes it possible for Reason and another other device to stop, start, and locate different song positions together. This is a great feature if you are a live musician looking to use Reason alongside your rig of drum machines and external hardware sequencers. Although a somewhat simplified definition, it's one that is probably sufficient for most Reason users. Aside from the capabilities offered by ReWire, synchronization is not one of Reason's most versatile features. Reason is meant to be an all-in-one standalone application. But Reason is capable of syncing with other non-ReWire ready programs, as well as external MIDI gear.