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7. 8. Enable the MIDI Sync feature in the Transport Panel. Also notice that the Sync Input LED is glowing bright green, which indicates that it is receiving input. Switch to Project5 and click on Play. Reason should immediately follow in sync. You can verify that the two programs are syncing up by activating the Click track on both programs. Once activated, they should be in perfect sync with each other. If you want to stop the programs, you must do it from Project5, because it is the master application. 9. SHARING APPLICATIONS -- SHARING AUDIO CARDS As you begin to sync and use Reason with another program like Project5, you might encounter some audio problems with your sound card. This happens because the driver you are using is not capable of sharing audio processing duties for both programs. If you're using Windows XP, this is typically not a problem, because you can switch between different driver formats very easily. For example, if you are using your audio card's ASIO driver for both applications, try switching to the WDM drivers for both programs. For a review of how to deal with drivers, see Chapter 2, "Installing and Configuring Reason." If you are using Mac OS X, this is not a problem, as Core Audio is multi-client. This means that two programs can use your audio card simultaneously. If you are using another application that doesn't support ReWire or isn't a ReWire master program, syncing via MIDI Clock is a good solution, especially if the other program records audio, because this is something that Reason can't do. Now that you've learned about MIDI Clock synchronization, you're ready to move on to ReWire!