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Syncing Reason to External Devices > Syncing Reason to External Devices - Pg. 351

This tutorial shows you how to synchronize a PC running Reason to a Mac iBook running Cubase SX. Cubase will generate MIDI Clock, send it out through its MIDI interface, to a MIDI interface connected to the PC, and then to Reason (see Figure 16.1). Follow along with these steps. 1. First, you must assign a MIDI out to the MIDI Clock feature of Cubase (see Figure 16.2). Note that this window looks much different in other DAW applications, such as SONAR or Logic. Activate the Sync feature in the Cubase SX transport bar (see Figure 16.3). This will enable Cubase to generate and send a MIDI Clock from the iBook to the PC. Once again, this will look different in another program. 2. Figure 16.1 This diagram demonstrates how to sync an iBook to a PC via MIDI Clock. USB USB