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Syncing Reason to External Devices > Syncing Reason to External Devices - Pg. 350

REWIRE -- THE SYNCHRONIZATION MASTER Propellerhead Software has developed a synchronization technology called ReWire. Because many DAW applications support it (Logic, Cubase, and SONAR), ReWire is covered in detail in Chapter 17, "ReWire." MIDI Clock The synchronization that Reason supports is called MIDI Clock. This form of synchronization functions in much the same way as a metronome--its purpose is to synchronize the two devices by way of sending tempo-controlled information from one device to another. MIDI Clock generates and sends what are called pulses per quarter note (PPQN) via a MIDI cable. By default, MIDI Clock generates 24 evenly spaced PPQNs, of which the total number of PPQNs per minute is ultimately decided by the assigned tempo of a song. For example, a song that is playing at 60 BPM (beats per minute) sends approximately 1,440 PPQN per minute (or one pulse every 41.67 milliseconds). If you were to double the tempo to 120 BPM, MIDI Clock would generate 2,880 PPQN per minute (one pulse per every 20.83 milliseconds). There are two basic devices in a MIDI Clock synchronization setup. Master--This is the device that sends the sync data and acts as the "leader" of the two devices. The master device sends a MIDI Start message to the receiver to initiate sync. It also sends a MIDI End message to stop sync. Additionally, a master