Would You Like a PC or Mac with That? The PC/Mac debate reminds me of that old beer commercial where the drunks get into a shouting match of "Taste's Great! Less Filling!". I own and use both PCs and Macs on a daily basis in my studio. Each platform has its advantages and shortcomings. Here's my take on some of the differences: Operating systems--When I first started using Windows 98, I was instantly hooked on the intuitive graphical interface and felt that it had Mac's OS 8.5 beat by a mile. The distance between Macs and PCs only grew farther apart when I got my first look at Windows XP, as it has a very user-friendly interface and more new features than you can shake a stick at. This changed when I purchased my iBook and started digging into Mac OSX. Although OSX was still not quite ready for pro audio applications such as Reason and Cubase, it still had a slick new look to it that was addicting to use. Now with the current release of OS 10.2, and the planned OS 10.3, I certainly feel that the Mac OS is a worthy competitor to Windows. Available software--Let's face it, there is simply a lot more software available for the PC than for the Mac. But unless you are a computer gaming fanatic, most of these software titles are irrelevant, as they are not meant for music composition. Price--No matter what the pros and cons of PCs and Macs may be, the choice is usually going to come down to a matter of price. Until recently, PCs were known for being much less expensive than Macs. A complete PC that will do a decent job with Reason can be purchased for as low as $900, including a monitor. This