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Figure 6.6 The reMix channel strip. Figure 6.7 The Master section. There are four knobs for the returns and a master fader, which controls the overall signal of the mix. Setting Levels The first step to mixing in Reason is to set levels in your mix. To do this, start by opening the Tutorial Song, which can be found in the Reason folder. After opening it (see Figure 6.8), have a quick listen to it. I think you'll agree that the mix is a little on the flat or boring side, and this is a perfect place to start. Look at the faders on the lower left side of reMix. As shown in Figure 6.9, there are four separate signals, or sounds, that you can mix in this song. Press the spacebar on your Mac or PC to play the song. Keep your eye on the Dr:rex track to see where the level is in the mix. If you want to know the numeric value of the Dr:rex track volume, click on the fader once, and the Parameter Value tooltip (or tooltip for short) will open near your cursor to tell you what the value is (see Figure 6.10).