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Drawing Controller Data Reason's sequencer is also a great way to draw in data that controls the various parameters of each Reason device, which is done via the Controller Lane Editor. Although it's covered briefly in this chapter, you will find oodles of info on controller data and automation in Chapter 15, "Automation." This tutorial continues to use the setup from the last tutorial and shows you how to draw in controller data for the Modulation Wheel of Dr:rex. 1. 2. Select the Dr:rex sequencer track and click on the Switch to Edit Mode button to view the REX Lane Editor. Click on the REX Lane Editor button to hide the REX lane from the Edit view. Click on the Velocity Lane Editor button to hide that lane, as well. This will leave you with a blank Edit view to work with (see Figure 5.68). Click on the Show Controller Lane button (see Figure 5.69). This will appear to do nothing at first, because you have not yet selected a controller to edit. To the immediate right of the Show Controller Lane button is the Controllers button. Clicking on this button will bring up a pop-up menu that lists all of the available controllers to view with a particular Reason device. In Figure 5.70, you will see a list of controllers for the Dr:rex device. Select Mod Wheel from the list. The corresponding lane will be displayed in the Edit view. 3. 4.