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Figure 5.66 The figure on the left is a sequence of events playing back at their normal tempo. The figure on the right is that same sequence of events, but altered to play back at double the speed. It's important to note that although the speed of the events can be slowed down or sped up, the pitch of the events is not altered, because they are just MIDI events and not actual audio. Alter Notes--This is used to randomly alter the pitch, length, and velocity of a group of selected MIDI events. The trick to remember here is that this feature will only randomize the values assigned to the selected events, rather than just randomly generate events on its own. See Figure 5.67 for a better example. Figure 5.67 For this example, I have selected a group of MIDI events that are used by Dr:rex. I have selected those MIDI events and chosen to alter them by 100%.