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Figure 5.64 The events are now resized. Change Events For those of you who like to ask questions such as, "what would this chord progression sound like when it's transposed up a third?" or "I wonder what this synth line would sound like when sped up" the Change Events feature will probably become one of your best friends (see Figure 5.65). Change Events can be used in either the Arrange or Edit mode and is activated by selecting a group of events and choosing Change Events from the Edit pull-down menu. Change Events is used to perform four tasks: Transpose--This function is used to transpose a group of MIDI events up or down by semitones, or as we musicians would call it chromatically. The Transpose has a very wide range of -127 to 127 and all points in between. Velocity--This is used to add or subtract velocity from a group of MIDI events. As you can see, it is split into two controls--Add and Scale. The Add control will add or subtract an assigned amount of velocity, whereas the Scale control is used to create a bigger or smaller gap between the hard and soft events. Using these two controls in combination can create some interesting dynamics in your synth lines. Scale Tempo--This is used to speed up or slow down the tempo of a group of selected MIDI events. If you are curious to hear your lead lines or chord progressions played back at half or double the original tempo, this is the feature made just for you. There are three ways to adjust the tempo--using the scroll buttons next to the percentage, using the *2 or multiplied by 2 button, or using the /2 or divided by 2 button. Figure 5.66 shows this feature in action. Figure 5.65 The Change Events window is used to alter MIDI events.