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Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit > The Cut Section - Pg. 323

Click on the Cut button to activate the EQ. At this point, you can then adjust the low, mid, and high bands of equalization to your liking. At any time, you can reset any of the three bands by holding down the Ctrl key on your PC or Apple key on your Mac and clicking on the band slider to reset it to its default position. The Body Section The Body section of Scream 4 is used to create different effects such as speaker cabinet simulations and auto-wahs (for us guitarists), by placing the signal in different simulated enclosures (see Figure 14.18). There are five body types that can be selected and then edited by resonance and scale parameters. Figure 14.18 The Body section places the signal in a resonant body, which makes it possible to simulate speaker cabinets and other effects. Body Button--This button switches the Body section on/off. Type--This knob is used to switch between one of five available body types. Reso--This knob creates a resonance effect for the selected body type. Scale--This knob is used to control the size of the selected body. Please note that