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RV7000 Advanced Reverb > The Remote Programmer - Pg. 326

The Remote Programmer The Remote Programmer is where all of the individual edits of the RV7000 are completed (see Figure 14.21). To activate the Remote Programmer, click on the arrow button next to the virtual cable slot. The RV7000 will then perform a little animation and load up right below the main panel. Figure 14.21 The RV7000 Remote Programmer. Once the Remote Programmer is open, you can select between one of nine algorithms. Each of these algorithms emulates a specific type of reverb or echo and offers a number of editable parameters. Small Space--Emulates a small room. Room--Emulates a standard sized room with adjustable shape and wall composition. Hall--Emulates a standard hall. Arena--Emulates the characteristics of a large arena. Plate--Classic plate reverb.