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REX Files > Redrum Your REX - Pg. 419

RELOAD YOUR SAMPLES At your local music shop, you can be sure to find a library of samples CDs that will give the Smithsonian a run for its money. Think of any kind of instrument that you want, and you'll be sure to find it on a sample CD. In addition, these sample libraries are formatted for popular hardware samplers, such as Roland, EMU, and the everlasting Akai. The question then becomes how to get these different sample formats into Reason. Propellerhead wanted to make it possible for Reason users to take advantage of these sample libraries, so they created and released Reload (see Figure C.4). This utility converts Akai formatted samples to the NN-XT format. It will also convert the Akai patch, which contains the sample mapping and individual parameters of the samples, over to the NN-XT patch format. Reload will even go one step further and convert the Akai samples and patches and create a custom ReFill as well. For more information on Reload, be sure to see Chapter 12, "NN-XT--Close Up." Figure C.4 Reload expands your sample library by converting Akai formatted samples to the NN-XT format.