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REX Files > NN-19 and NN-XT - Pg. 420

Using ReFills with Reason 2.5 Thankfully, using a ReFill collection within Reason 2.5 is very easy. This section goes through the steps to install a ReFill and shows you how to use it in Reason. Visit the Propellerhead website and download a free ReFill so you can follow along with this tutorial. Downloading and Installing a ReFill For the sake of simplicity, download a small ReFill from the Propellerhead website, such as the "Zuwonga Patch Bonanza," which has patches made for the Subtractor and NN-XT or NN-19 samplers. All of the ReFill titles you find on the Propellerhead web page are compressed using the ZIP format. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, decompress it and place it in the Reason 2.5 program folder. If you're not sure where that is, let's review: On Windows, you will find it in the Program Files > Propellerhead Software > Reason 2.5 folder. On the Macintosh, you will find it in the Applications folder. Once you have placed the downloaded ReFill in the Reason folder, you should now see a total of four ReFills in this folder (see Figure C.5). Reason Factory Sound Bank. Orkester Sound Bank. In Full Effect Sound Bank. (Note that if you installed Reason 2.5 using the original 2.5 CD set, you will only see the Reason Factory Sound Bank and the Orkester Sound Bank. The In Full Effect Sound Bank patches are found in the Reason Factory Sound Bank.) The new ReFill title you just downloaded, decompressed, and installed. In this example, it is the Zuwonga Patch Bonanza ReFill. Figure C.5 There are now four ReFills in the Reason program folder.