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Using ReWire with Cubase SX/SL 1.06 > Using ReWire with Cubase SX/SL 1.06 - Pg. 362

FOR MORE INFO Many DAW applications are covered throughout this chapter. You will be happy to learn that Muska & Lipman's Power! series has books dedicated to most of these programs. For example, if you want to know more about Cubase SX, you can read Cubase SX Power! by Robert Guerin. If you want to know more about SONAR 3, pick up SONAR 3 Power! by Scott Garrigus. If you want to know more about Logic 6, read Logic 6 Power! by Orren Merton (Muska & Lipman). To see what else is available, visit TWO MONITOR HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE While writing this chapter, I felt compelled to purchase a second monitor so I could view both Reason and the ReWire host application at the same time. If you should feel that same urge, here are some tips. First, you need a second monitor that supports a pixel rate equal to or better than the pixel rate of your primary monitor. For example, if your primary monitor can display a 1024 × 768 pixel resolution, make sure your second monitor does the same. It will save you a lot of eyestrain and headaches when switching back and forth. Also make sure that both monitors support the same color depth. Second, you need a video card that supports dual monitors (or dual heads, as we call them). This is more affordable than it used to be, with dual-monitor cards available for around $110. Make sure to get a good brand name, such as Matrox or