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Using ReWire with Cubase SX/SL 1.06 > Using ReWire with Cubase SX/SL 1.06 - Pg. 361

8. Should you want to quit Cubase and Reason, remember to quit Reason first, followed by Cubase. If you try to quit Cubase first, an alert window will pop up to remind you. Additionally, Cubase can also trigger the individual instruments and real-time effects of Reason via MIDI through ReWire. Make sure that you are using the built-in song for Reason, so you can follow along. 1. 2. Following the steps in the previous tutorial, activate the ReWire channels in Cubase and launch Reason. In Cubase, create a MIDI track in the Project window. Make sure that the MIDI track is record enabled by clicking on what looks like a Record button on the track (see Figure 17.6). Click on the Out pull-down menu of the MIDI track and you will see a long list of routing possibilities, including all of the active devices in Reason. For this example, choose the Reason Drums option. This will give you access to Redrum (see Figure 17.7). Press the C1 key on your MIDI keyboard. This should trigger the first Redrum channel, which is typically a kick drum. You can now begin to sequence in Cubase using Redrum as your drum machine. 3. 4. 5. Now that you have seen the granddaddy of ReWire-ready programs, you can also apply this knowledge to Steinberg's post-production wonder called Nuendo, because they are similar in both