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ReFill Ingredients > NN-19 and NN-XT Patches - Pg. 421

GOT STUFF-IT? PC users who are running Reason under a pre-Windows XP operating system might encounter some trouble decompressing these ZIP files and installing them into their Reason program folder. The same can be said for Mac owners using OS X. Here's the solution. OS X Macintosh users will need to use a utility program called Stuff-It Expander. This utility decompresses archived files with the ZIP or SIT extension (for example, refill.ZIP or refill.SIT). Take a quick trip to the Stuff-It website (, where you can download a trial version for free. For Windows users, a popular and well-known application called WinZip will be the answer for you. It can be found at Of course, should you already be working on Windows XP, you should not need to do this as Windows XP has its own decompression utility built into the OS. Using the ReFill Now that you have downloaded and installed your ReFill, it's time to learn how to access it and unleash the patches and loops. Figure C.6 shows that I have created a new song and loaded a Subtractor, which is set to its default patch. At this point, click on the folder icon. The Patch Browser window will appear (see Figure C.7). Click on the Find All ReFills button at the top-right corner of the Patch Browser window.