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Programming Your Subtractor Patch > Programming the Play Parameters - Pg. 217

10 The Malström--Close Up When Reason 2.0 hit the market in 2002, Propellerhead introduced a new virtual synth, based on a completely original form of synthesis, called the Malström (see Figure 10.1). Immediately drawn to its handsome graphical interface and unbelievable synthesis prowess, I have made it a permanent fixture in my Reason songs. Graintable Synthesis Malström's uniqueness stems from the method by which it generates sound, called graintable synthesis, which is essentially a combination of granular and wavetable synthesis. To better understand how this works, you need to understand these two forms of synthesis. In granular synthesis, sound is generated by a specific number of short, adjacent audio segments, called grains. Grains can be generated either by using a mathematical formula or by using a